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DLR has been rated by S&P Global Ratings since 2012.

DLR has since May 2017 had an Issuer Credit Rating (ICR) to ‘A-‘. DLR’s Stand-Alone Credit Profile (SACP) is ’BBB+’, which is topped by an ALAC-uplift of +1, due to the fast that DLR has issued loss absorbing senior debt to fulfil the deb buffer requirements for Danish mortgage banks. The outlook for DLR’s ratings is stable.

All DLR’s covered bonds (SDO and RO) have been rated ‘AAA’ since 2012.

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RatingS&PDate of change
Resolution Counterparty Rating (RCR)A/stable outlook23/10/2019
Long-Term Credit Rating (ICR)A-/stable outlook23/10/2019
Short-Term Credit RatingA-2/stable outlook31/05/2012
Stand-Alone Credit Profile (SACP)BBB+/stable outlook23/10/2019
Capital Centre B (SDO)AAA24/10/2012
General Capital Centre (RO)AAA26/11/2012
General Capital Centre (SRN, SNP)BBB18/05/2017

In recent years, DLR has strengthened its capital base intending to enhance resilience to potential drops in property prices, ensure a high bond rating, and being prepared for future capital adequacy requirement under the CRD IV regulation.

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