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Investor Relations in DLR

In DLR, we strive to be open and transparent to our stakeholders and investors. Relevant information and the latest reports are always available on our Investor Relations page.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Jakob Olsson

Head of IR & Rating

The mortgage credit institution DLR

DLR is owned by 53 local and national banks, which distribute DLRs loans.
The loan-distributing banks constitute our local presence. We work closely with financial representatives and loan officers across Denmark. It is the loan officers who provide advice about mortgage credit and DLR’s loans on our behalf.

We act as a sounding board for the adviser when it comes to mortgage financing of commercial and agricultural properties. That is our area of experience and expertise.

At 30 June 2020, DLR’s loan portfolio amounted to DKK 158.8 billion. Representing 5.5% of total lending by mortgage credit institutions in Denmark, this makes DLR Denmark’s fifth largest mortgage credit institution.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We consider corporate social responsibility a natural part of our business. To us, corporate social responsibility means taking responsibility for the way in which we affect the world around us – in all aspects of developing and running our business.

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Financial calendar

  • October 23th 2020: Interim Report Q1-Q3 2020
  • February 11th 2021: Annual Report 2020
  • April 29th 2021: Annual General Meeting
  • April 29th 2021: Interim Report Q1 2021
  • August 19th 2021: Interim Report 1H 2021
  • October 28th: Interim Report Q1-Q3 2021