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Corporate Social Responsibility in DLR

A natural part of our business

At DLR, we consider corporate social responsibility a natural part of our business. To us, corporate social responsibility means taking responsibility for the way in which we affect the world around us – in all aspects of developing and running our business.

We assume co-responsibility for the green transition
As a mortgage credit institution, we are aware of our role in the green transition, and we consider it part of our social responsibility, in collaboration with our loan-distributing banks, to promote the transition of the agricultural sector, trade and industry and society at large.

Green procurement policy
We are aware of the impact our organisation has on the climate and the environment, and we strive to gradually reduce our own environmental footprint. We do this by continually making small and large adjustments to business procedures, the selection of business partners, procurement, etc. We pursue a green procurement policy under which environmental considerations are assigned the same importance as other considerations.

Combating money laundering and terrorist financing
Money laundering, terrorist financing and other kinds of white-collar crime are extremely harmful to Danish society and the international community. In our view, preventing DLR from being misused for financial crime is therefore a crucial element of our responsibility.

We work continuously to strengthen the combating of white-collar crime so that our efforts reflect the risk associated with DLR’s business activities.

Committed to sustainable development

DLR supports Denmark’s 2030 climate goals, the reduction targets of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which together lay out the steps towards sustainable development.

To that end, we participate in committees, working groups and fora working with sustainable funding and ESG factors in the financial sector.


As a systemically important financial institution (SIFI), DLR has a special responsibility to society. As such, we strive in all respects to run a responsible business in accordance with statutory requirements, our values and our business objectives. In doing so, we invariably pay regard to our stakeholders, which include borrowers, shareholders, bond investors, loan distributors, authorities, employees and society at large.